Self Hosted

This time tested product is a great solution for single store operators that value their independence. 

Packed with functionality, our software has what you need. Please your walk-in customers, and support larger operations that have fire restoration and hotels in their daily mix.


Multi-Store Solution

Our Software links all your stores to a centralized database giving the multi-store owner total control and accurate, up-to-the second information.  We can deliver real time data from any remote drop store or plant. This allows owners of multi-store operations to track work; retrieve, merge and consolidate daily reports; centralize pricing strategies; launch and evaluate marketing campaigns; centralize billing; credit cards and much more. Security enforcement of your critical data is safe, secure and protected against all threats. 


All the numbers from your operation – right at your fingertips. See the data from single or multiple stores, set custom time frames, see your numbers soar. We'll provide you with your own custom dashboard so you're never out of the loop.

PCI Compliance

We've built a safe and secure system for you and your customers. Rest easy knowing your software and processing are the best in the business.

Lot Manager

Manage every piece that comes through your doors. With lot manager data, get the numbers you need to streamline your business. Lean on our knowledge of industry’s best practices to maximize results.


Target customers that matter the most through behavior marketing tools.  You'll see the results of our programs uplift your sales and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Mobile Web Interface

You'll be thrilled at our intuitive mobile designs.  Through our newly launched suite of products –  your customers are fully informed at all stages of the production and service schedule.  

Our app allows your Dry Cleaning customers to access information about their orders from either a web page or a mobile smartphone device. Your customers can lookup up orders, view order history, schedule a route pickup or delivery, give feedback, view A/R balances, store hours, locations (with Google maps) and receive promotions. Provide them with easy and fast access to answers, minimizing the need for customer service interaction.

Communication Tools

State of the art tools and technology at the forefront of the most recent developments.  You won't be disappointed.   

DCCS has the ability to send emails to a single customer or in bulk. This option allows manual and automatic messages for:

  • E-mail or Text Messaging
  • Individual E-mails
  • Aged Tickets
  • Delivery Notices
  • Completed Orders Ready
  • Email of A/R Statements
  • Email of Past Due A/R
  • Birthdays
  • CRM Resolution